StatementParents are not Terrorists

October 14, 20211

In light of the recent announcement by the FBI that they will start investigating parents who speak up at school board meetings and protest the actions of school board members and teachers, let me just say: I do not see parents as terrorists.

There have been no credible arrests and no evidence of criminal activity, and to call in the FBI because of concerned parents simply expressing their frustration and defending their children is beyond ridiculous. We do not see such federal intervention when groups like BLM and Antifa terrorize major cities, set fires, and actually assault police officers, so why is the FBI being used as a tool for political suppression against parents? It’s simply disturbing.

While I agree that teachers and staff have the right to protection, that protection should be provided by local law enforcement who have jurisdiction, and who are already doing a phenomenal job on their own. Involving the federal government opens too many doors for misinformation, abuse of power, and unnecessary entanglement in local affairs, while further limiting accountability.

All this in an effort to silence the voices that need to be heard the most: the voices of parents!

The rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States belong to every American!

God Bless,

Mike Blasi for Congress

Not a Politician, but a Patriot


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  • Dominick Cuozzo

    October 14, 2021 at 10:06 pm

    Thank you for applying some common sense to this issue.


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