CampaignPeopleI can’t be the only one – an op-ed piece by Mike Blasi

November 9, 20210
Following big Republican wins in last week’s New Jersey elections, President Joe Biden suggested that perhaps voters are upset…that he has not pushed his agenda fast enough. Well, it appears representative Chris Smith agrees with him, as this week he crossed the aisle to help Democrats pass their Marxist, $1.2 TRILLION, twenty-four hundred page monstrosity that even the White House budget office admits will add at least $256 BILLION to our nation’s deficit spending.
We, as Americans, have become desensitized to large numbers, so let me put that into perspective. If instead of passing this bill, Congress was to lay $100 bills end-to-end, from California to New York AND BACK AGAIN 162 times, they would still have a few billion dollars left over to blow on some other pork projects! And they might as well do that because it will be just as effective in curing our infrastructure woes as this debacle of a bill!
So, why is a 40-year Republican, who rode the coattails of Ronald Reagan into office, backing what amounts to the Green New Deal Lite? Why is he helping leftists plunge our country into socialism and stacking insurmountable debt on our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren?
This is what happens when we let politicians stay in office for decades. They grow further and further removed from the day-to-day lives of real people, until they are more interested in not rocking the proverbial boat (so they can push a pet project down the road), than doing what is best for their constituents.
Allow me to make a prediction: This “infrastructure” bill, like many before it, will make rich bureaucrats richer. Our crumbling infrastructure will continue to age into ruin and the federal government will put its greedy little hands even deeper into your ever-thinning pocket to pad someone else’s. Then, a little way down the still-broken road, some other decrepit congressman that we should have voted out years ago will, under the cover of darkness, pass yet another cash-grab and try to explain to you why bipartisanship is so important, as he heads off to his fancy home in the next state over.
I think we can do better, and I can’t be the only one!

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