Background & PoliciesAbout Mike

My Guiding Principles

  • Prioritizing and protecting the most vulnerable
  • Limiting governmental controls over the people
  • Fighting against Big tech censorship
  • Promoting and working for voting integrity
  • Supporting our veterans and military families
  • Prioritizing “America First” principles
  • Guaranteeing total transparency
  • Preservation & adherence to the US Constitution
  • Ease & accessibility to all constituents in District 4

AboutWho is Mike Blasi?

Army Veteran. Ex Law Enforcement. Small Business Owner. Patriot.

As a decorated US Army Veteran and retired Law Enforcement Officer, Mike has already selflessly pledged two times to defend the Constitution of the United States and he’s ready to do it again! He is a proud American and New Jerseyan who spends his time as an owner of a small real estate company. Mike helps homeowners move into Congressional District 4 where he proudly lives with his family and hopes to serve as your next Congressman.

Although Mike does not consider himself a career politician, like our current Congressman, he does think it is time for a change in our district’s representation; And he undoubtedly believes he can be our voice – the voice that has been missing for quite some time. Over the past year, there have been an insurmountable amount of challenges to the freedoms and constitutional rights Mike has fought hard for both at war and at home. Mike has proven time and time again to be a fighter and he is ready to bring the fight to US Congress on behalf of the constituents in District 4!
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