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These issues are top priority


Your right to vote is meaningless if we cannot ensure the integrity of our voting systems. Common sense measures like voter ID are becoming increasingly popular as concerns about election integrity mount. Yet, some in Congress seem determined to dictate what election integrity measures may or may not be put in place by the people in our given states.

As your Congressman, I will work to defeat any bill that attempts to rob the people of New Jersey of our right to decide how we run our elections, and the measures we deem necessary to ensure faith in the process. The federal government has no business interfering in local election procedures, and I will work to ensure that our election processes are not simply another tool that federal politicians and bureaucrats abuse to implement their radical agendas.


Americans deserve a government that is beholden to our interests, and responsive to our electoral demands.

Unfortunately, however, the will of the American people is undermined by career politicians and bureaucrats who are not accountable to us whatsoever. Public service should be service, not a career, and term limits are vital to ensuring that self-interested or corrupt individuals do not become entrenched in positions of power.


If we have no border, we have no country.

While we are a nation that welcomes immigrants, we are also a nation of laws. It should never be the case that our government is more responsive to the needs and comforts of illegal aliens than to our own citizens.

An open or porous border poses a threat to American security, American jobs, American wages, and the American economy. As Americans, our hearts go out to anyone in the world that is suffering or in need. As your congressman, my first loyalty will be to you and your family. I will support border security measures, work to secure funding for a border wall, and work to ensure our Border Patrol agents are properly equipped and empowered to do their job.


There is no ambiguity in the Second Amendment: “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

It is an absolute shame that some in Congress will vote to supply arms to foreign governments and militia groups, all the while working to rob their own constituents of their Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.

Putting America First means protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens. The Constitution is not a suggestion, and you deserve a congressman that stands up for you, and who will fight to protect your Second Amendment rights.


Our education policy has one goal, put the Children First! Parents understand this issue better than anyone. Failing the students is not an option going forward. The solution to the problems that we face in education are not easily solved, but Education Freedom is the directional change that we need to pursue. When parents get to choose, everyone wins.


It was an honor to serve my country and my community as a law enforcement officer. Service to others was what guided the direction of my career. This is no time for elected officials to waiver in our support for those that risk their lives to keep us safe. I am a Law & Order candidate in the truest sense of the title. We back the Blue.


Big Government is the problem, not the solution. We worship God…not the government. This issue is the one that separates the politicians from the patriots. My pledge is to protect future generations from run-away spending and pair down regulations and failed government programs. Getting government out of your pocket and out of your living room.

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