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Mike Blasi Sides with NJ Parents

Mike Blasi had the opportunity to appear on the Todd Starnes Show. Mike was able to clearly and effectively elaborate his position on masking children. “They’re [Parents] not happy with their kids being masked, they’re not happy with what’s going on in their schools today, because I attend several boards of education meetings every week...

Is Chris Smith Really Pro-Life?

Congressman Chris Smith (R-04) has long been judged to be a Pro-Life legislator. Smith was a Pro-Life activist when first elected to Congress in 1980. The question conservatives must ask themselves is this: Have four decades in Washington, DC, changed this one-time true believer? For the Pro-Life label to mean something, it must withstand the...

I can’t be the only one – an op-ed piece by Mike Blasi

Following big Republican wins in last week’s New Jersey elections, President Joe Biden suggested that perhaps voters are upset…that he has not pushed his agenda fast enough. Well, it appears representative Chris Smith agrees with him, as this week he crossed the aisle to help Democrats pass their Marxist, $1.2 TRILLION, twenty-four hundred page monstrosity...

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