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I am… PRO-LIFE PRO-FAMILY PRO-2A PRO-MILITARY PRO-POLICE PRO-TRUMP PRO- AMERICA FIRST VOTING INTEGRITY Your right to vote is meaningless if we cannot ensure the integrity of our voting systems. Common sense measures like voter ID are becoming increasingly popular as concerns about election integrity mount. Yet, some in Congress seem determined to dictate what election...

Parents are not Terrorists

In light of the recent announcement by the FBI that they will start investigating parents who speak up at school board meetings and protest the actions of school board members and teachers, let me just say: I do not see parents as terrorists. There have been no credible arrests and no evidence of criminal activity, and...


My story is similar to that of many people. I love my parents. They were the hardest working people alive. My father had 2 jobs and worked 7 days a week. We were never rich, but we were happy. My Grandfather came to this great country with only 6 dollars in his pocket. He taught...

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